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Beloved and Well

The Beard Trifecta

The Beard Trifecta

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This bundle comes with a beard butter, beard balm, and beard oil to provide you with options! 

The 2 oz beard balm is great for a stronger hold to keep those unruly hairs in place. 

The 2oz beard butter is a lightweight nourishing, conditioner.

The 2 oz beard oil is great for the fresh out of the shower grooming. 

Each product is infused with a number of herbal botanicals to stimulate growth, and provide you with a healthy, shiny beard. 

Please store products in a cool, dark area to maintain the integrity and shelf life. Butters will melt if not stored properly. 

*Each product is processed in small batches to maintain the quality, integrity, and advertised shelf life upon receipt. Please allow 10-12 business days to process your order.*

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